The following By-Laws were inspected by a committee in January of 2004 and were deemed to be satisfactory.
The committee recommended the addition of three admendents that were approved by the CAHS Board in Feburary
2004 and they were adopted at the regular meeting by the members present in March of 2004.





SECTION 1.1 The name of the corporation is – Chesaning Area Historical
 Society – herein called “Society”.



SECTION 2.1 To preserve, discover and memorialize the history of the
 Chesaning area in the State of Michigan.

SECTION 2.2 To discover, purchase, commission, borrow, or otherwise
 procure, and to publish or otherwise preserve writings,
 newspapers, journals, and other like literature and
 pictures of historic interest which would shed light on
 the history of the area.  To discover, purchase, borrow,
 or otherwise procure physical objects that may relate to
 the history of the area.

SECTION 2.3 To establish and maintain a museum on land leased
 or owned by the Society.  To preserve and protect
 buildings and sites of historic interest in the Chesaning



SECTION 3.1 Membership is open to any person of any age who wishes
 to work with this group toward achievement of the above
 stated purposes and tenders the necessary dues.

SECTION 3.2 The annual organizational meeting of the general membership
 will be held on the last Monday in April of each year at a
 time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3.3 General meetings of the membership will also be held on the
 second Monday of each month at a time and place to be
 determined by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3.4 Special meetings of the membership may be held at such
 time and place as shall be determined by the Board of
 Directors and notice thereof must be given to the general
 membership by first class United States mail at least 10 days
 prior to such meeting, or telephone notice at least 48 hours
 prior to such meeting.

SECTION 3.5 Six members shall constitute a quorum at any membership



SECTION 4.1 The Board of Directors shall consist of the President and
 Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three general

SECTION 4.2 It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to govern all
 affairs of the Society except as specifically limited herein.
 Decisions of the Board of Directors will be proper if
 approved by a majority of members present and voting at
 a duly constituted meeting thereof.  A quorum shall be four
 Members of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 4.3 The Board of Directors shall meet at such times and places
 as it or the President or any three members thereof shall
 determine.  The Board of Directors shall be required to
 attend annual meetings.

SECTION 4.4 Officers and Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of
 those members present and voting at the annual meeting of
 the membership.  Officers shall serve for one year or until their
 successor has been duly elected.  At the first meeting one
 Director will be elected for a three year term, one Director
 shall be elected for a two year term, and one Director shall be
 elected for a one year term.  Thereafter all succeeding
 Directors shall be elected for three year terms.

SECTION 4.5 In the event of vacancy in any office, the Board of
 Directors shall fill such vacancy with the person so
 appointed to serve until the next annual meeting of
 the membership.

SECTION 4.6 A vacancy shall be deemed to exist as to any Officer
 position or Director in the event of death or resignation.

SECTION 4.7 The Board of Directors shall have the right to declare a
 vacancy if an Officer or Director has been determined by
 the Board to have displayed a lack of interest in the
 affairs of the Society but such action shall not be
 warranted unless such Officer or Director shall have failed
 to attend three consecutive board meetings or general
 meetings for a period of three months prior to such action.

SECTION 4.8 The person to be removed from office shall be given
 written notice by first class mail at least 10 days prior
 to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of
 Directors and shall have the opportunity to object to such
 proposed action.  Any vacancies created by an action under
 this paragraph shall be filled by an election held by the
 general membership.

SECTION 4.9 The Board of Directors may accept on behalf of the Society,
 any contribution, gift, bequest, or device for any purpose
 of the Society.



SECTION 5.1 President:  The President shall preside at all meetings of
   the Society and Board of Directors, and perform all duties
   incident to this office.  He shall, subject to the approval of
   the Board of Directors, appoint all committees and he shall
   be ex-officio member of all committees.  He shall make these
   appointments at the annual meeting of the general member-
   ship and at such other times as he may deem proper,
   commend to the membership of the Board of Directors such
   matters and make such suggestions as may tend to promote
   the prosperity and increase the usefulness of the Society.

SECTION 5.2 Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall act in the absence of
 the President; and in the absence or disability of the
 President or Vice-President, the Board of Directors shall
 choose a member to act temporarily.  The Vice-President
 shall be the Chairman of the Membership committee and
 carry out any additional duties assigned by the President.

SECTION 5.3 Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall receive and disburse the
 funds of the Society.  He shall keep all monies of the
 Society deposited in its name at a bank designated by
 the Board of Directors.  He will keep accurate records and
 make reports to the Board of Directors at their discretion.
 He shall perform such duties as may be incident to his office,
` subject to the direction of the Board of Directors.  At the
 expiration of his term of office he shall deliver to the Board of
 Directors all books, papers and property of the Society.  The
 Treasurer shall submit a financial statement and written report of the year’s work at the close of each fiscal year.

SECTION 5.4 Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the members and of the Board of Directors meetings in one or more books provided for that purpose.  He shall see that all notices are duly given in accordance wit the provisions of these By-Laws or as required by law.  He shall be custodian of the corporate records.  He shall keep a register of the post office address of each member which shall be furnished to the Secretary by such member.  He shall in general perform all duties incident to the office of the Secretary and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him by the President or by the Board of Directors.



SECTION 6.1 Standing committees should include the following:  Membership, Procurement, Publicity, Special events, Historical Survey and Historian.  The President shall also appoint any committees deemed necessary.  Members appointed to standing committees shall serve for one year.



SECTION 7.1 All meetings shall be conducted under Roberts Rules of Order.



SECTION 8.1 The fiscal year of the Society shall be from the 1st of May through the 30th of April in the following year.



SECTION 9.1 Annual Dues:  The Board of Directors shall determine from time to time the amount of initiation fee, if any, and annual dues payable to the Society by members, and shall give appropriate notice to the members.

SECTION 9.2 Payment of Dues:  Dues shall be payable at the annual meeting each year.



SECTION 10.1 The use of the word “He” in these by-laws shall not be construed or restricted to refer to any specific gender.



SECTION 11.1 These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership at any regular meeting.  These By-Laws may also be amended by a majority vote of the membership at any special meeting, provided, however, that notice of any proposed amendment to be acted upon at any special meeting must be given in writing to each member at least 10 days prior to the meeting.


Amendment I: Annual Budget. At the annual March meeting, the Board of Directors shall establish an annual budget for the coming fiscal year. This budget shall include expected revenues and expenses. The budget shall balance. The Board of Directors may adjust the budget for unexpected revenues or expenses as the fiscal year progresses.

Amendment II: Museum Curator (Director). The Board of Directors shall appoint a Museum Curator for the Society. This appointment shall commence on the first day of the month after the Board of Directors appoints him/her to the position. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to terminate this appointment at any time. The duties of the Museum Curator shall be as follows:
1) Publish the Riverside Times and appoint a Riverside Times Editor.
2) Direct any Museum Workers.
3) Direct Artifact Cataloging.
4) Maintain and setup new Museum Displays.
5) Attend appropriate museum seminars and conventions at the expense of the Society and report back to the Board of Directors any information learned.
6) Along with the Board of Directors, evaluate and accept or reject any contribution, gift, bequest or device for any purpose of the Society.
7) Recommendation of any artifact purchase to the Board of Directors for their acceptance or rejection.
8) Purchase any needed Museum supplies that were budgeted for in the annual budget. If an item or items was not budgeted for, then approval of the Board of Directors is needed.
9) Oversee all day-to-day Museum Operations.

Amendment III:

Amendment IV: This amendment will replace SECTION 3.2 and 3.3 of the CAHS By-Laws. As of May 2006 all general membership meetings and the annual organizational meeting in April will be held the second Monday of each month at a time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors. There will be no general membership meetings for the months of January, February, March and July.